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A group of creatives, developers and marketers motivated by the desire to get you noticed!

Our passion is it get you noticed! We love the complicated and crazy projects, but we won’t exlude the simple but important. Our team is made up of the best designers, developers, internet marketing and social media experts from all over the world. We’ve also worked with the biggest brands in the world such as Sony and Adobe and have won some of the biggest awards in the world. At Surus we are a well oiled machine that has had many years of working together and collaborating. We love to create and it shows! But we also know that the best work is only successful when it gets noticed and brings results!

Surus Interactive - you get the best in the world

A Global Creative Web Design Agency Surus Interactive
A global creative design agency

A collaborative workforce

Our Team is innovative and crazy with ideas. What we’re about is not limiting you or your project by localized thinking. With a globally expert team you are getting, not the best in your area, but the best in the world! And we are only limited by what you will allow us to do.

Our energetic group that makes up Surus Interactive are experts at, not only making things beautiful and unique, but easily remembered, engaging and useful.

“Many times ideas start in the heart!”

Why the name “Surus”?

Surus means thriving
in the face of adversity

As history tells it, one of the greatest military leaders in history, the Carthaginian general Hannibal famously invaded Italy from the north in 218 B.C., crossing the Alps from Gaul with an army of foot-soldiers, cavalry and a handful of north African forest elephants, smaller than the Asian and African elephants familiar to today’s zoos.

Of the six elephants that survived the arduous mountain trek, five died the following winter. The sixth, a one-tusked elephant named Surus, became Hannibal’s favorite elephant which became his mount and mobile viewing platform in the marshes of the Arno.

By Nate Barksdale - 10 famous elephants from history - History Channel,

Surus as a metaphor

Every day in life, we face difficulties and challenges of one kind or another, whether it’s personal or in business. And as businesses, we stand against, the sometimes, unpredictable tide of economic downturns, unmitigated competition, undeserved bad reviews, or simply not knowing how to identify and market our brand correctly.

Surus represents that whatever we might face in life or what a business may meet along the way, that we can thrive in spite of the difficult challenges we might face. And this is what we stand for!

Surus Interactive understands what a business goes through and our mission is to provide the tools to help every business thrive in the midst of difficulty. At Surus our culture is built on a “send me” type attitude with a willingness and readiness to help.

“Our culture is built on a “send me” type attitude
with a willingness and readiness to help!

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