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Cosmodyne Cryogenic Industries Website Re-design & Launch

Cosmodyne is a leading provider of cryogenic plants including natural gas liquefiers and air separation plants. Cosmodyne natural gas liquefiers serve various energy markets including alternative fuels for rail, trucks and marine applications. Their air separation plants serve the commercial industrial gas and oil field exploration businesses. Founded in 1973, Cosmodyne has designed, manufactured and successfully commissioned over 450 plants for every climatic zone in the world.

Cosmodyne Cryogenic Industries - Website Re-design

Cosmodyne Industries contacted Surus Interactive to re-design and develop their digital presence. Cosmodyne was built to attract various energy markets including alternative fuels for rail, trucks and marine industries across the world. With a more appealing presence and a simpler dynamic design, their content has become more engaging and easier to access,
attracting a greater audience from these industries.

Clean Design with Creative Navigation Improves Useability

interior pages

Partnering with Surus Interactive for Digital Integration

Cosmodyne Industries partners with Surus Interactive to create and integrate a digital platform to help promote Cosmodyne services and products to a worldwide audience. Appealing to companies across the globe, it was important for Cosmodyne Industries to partner with a company that will not only create something engaging, but also be simple to navigate to help buyers from diverse industries locate product information quickly and entice them to buy Cosmodyne Cryogenic Industries’ services.

With the site fully responsive and phone first design, it was important for the navigation and the visit to each page be as seamless as possible across many devices. Surus Interactive’s goal was to create a richer, user centric experience. Surus Interactive also designed and built several other sites for the Cosmodyne family of companies, including Cryo Industries.

Fully Responsive for any device

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The Results

Cosmodyne Industries website - technical layers

Functional Design

Si designed Cosmodyne Cryogenic Industries company digital presence while maintaining the company's brand. Creating a bold, clean experience where visitors can easily find content and respond to the engaging information. Cosmodyne complimented the Si crew for its simple navigation and overall look and feel of the website.

The Si team is proud of their work and pleased that they were able to create an amazing product for this company!