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Hawaii Sup Website Re-design & Launch

Hawaii SUP is a provider of Stand-up Paddleboards, creating that “Feel the air” experience for all its surf riders. Surus Interactive was approached to re-develop/re-design their online help match Hawaii SUP’s current reality. Hawaii SUP provides Standup Paddle Boards to Costco’s nation wide has designed and hand-crafted paddleboards for its customers for the past 20 years!

Hawaii Sup Website

Hawaii SUP was built with a responsive design and seamless search experience. The site showcases Stand-up Surfboards in different sizes and colors. It was our objective to build a site that connects with its visitors, helping them to feel confident in, not only choosing the right size stand-up surfboard, but feel good about the purchase through questions and answers and correct board sizes that corolate with the size of the person trying stand-up boarding for the first time.


Staying true to Hawaii SUP

Hawaii SUP is found at Costco’s throughout Southern California and Hawaii. Our objective was to create website that would create interest, not only in stand-up Surfboards, but also, stand up surfing. Driving retail sales to Hawaii SUP is important so we stayed true to the brand, the look and the values of Hawaii SUP.

A Hip Design for a Hip Brand

The Results


Brand Design & product display

Hawaii SUP’s Stand up paddleboards are built to create a better stand up experience for the paddle boarder.
We wanted to do the same.

With simple navigation the user is able to find what they’re looking for much easier. This site is built to respond to different devices and has a custom database.

The website has helped Hawaii SUP introduce their product to potential customers and help turn them into buyers.